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Mould Manufacturing Center

International advanced mould manufacturing equipment, with excellent operating performance and high quality surface, effectively ensure the accuracy of mould production, improve machining efficiency.

  • AgieCharmilles+GF+Slow Wire Cutting Machine

    Optimized electrode exchange, flexible machining programming, mould machining can obtain perfect surface roughness, mould manufacturing accuracy up to 0.002.

  • MlKRON+GF+Machining Center

    The vertical cutting machining center is robust, maintain long-term stability of precision and equipped with automation options.

  • MlKRON+GF+ High-speed Iron Mould Manufacturing Center

    Higher than 40'000min-1 cutting speed, high speed feed and utilize the acceleration, truly shows the advantages.

Matrix Preparation Center

Complete professional machining equipment, mature preparation technology and technical equipment level, can produce excellent, high precision carbide matrix products, have laid a solid foundation for the production of cutting tools.

  • ANCA CNC Grinder

    Automatic operation and a variety of additional functions to achieve higher production efficiency.

  • Walter CNC Grinder

    Combined with available loading systems and it has reliable productivity and flexibility.

  • DORST Automatic CNC Press

    Automatic, high-precision multi-axis CNC electric powder press, using advanced and perfect pressing process.

  • OLSTERWALDER Automatic CNC Powder Press

    Excellent automatic powder press, can produce high precision roughcast of CNC cutting tools .

  • Spray Drying Tower

    Advanced spray drying process, can produce stable quality, good pressing performance, suitable for high precision, high performance CNC production of cutting tools of pressing materials.

  • STAHLI Face Grinder From Switzerland

    Accuracy can reach 0.005mm, effectively ensure the accuracy of the inserts.

Coating Machining Center

Advanced coating machining equipment and coating technology greatly improve the cutting performance, life and thermal stability of the inserts.

  • Balzers PVD Coating

    Excellent PVD composite coating process, significantly improves product performance.

  • CEMECON Coating Furnace

    The CEMECON coating equipment imported from Germany can improve the thermal stability of the insert and greatly extend the service life of it.

  • IONBOND Coating Furnace From Swiss

    Excellent coating processing equipment and mature coating technology can create a uniform and compact surface with excellent performance, greatly improve the performance of cutting tools and service life of it.