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Believe in Our Strength

Ruian Cemented Carbide Tools attaches great importance to talent reserves, and has a R&D, production and application team composed of senior engineers and engineers with strong technical strength.
Independent innovation capabilities cover the technical fields of cutting tool production such as groove structure design, base material development, and coating process development. It is one of the few comprehensive CNC tool suppliers in China that can realize the whole process of CNC cutting tool mould, raw material, coating and design.
The team of Ruian Cemented Carbide Tools is still growing, recruiting a large number of high-quality talents such as postgraduates and undergraduates from universities every year, and is committed to providing customers with all-round solutions in the field of metal cutting.

Quick Response for Customization
and Manufacturing

Our competence and professionalism are reflected in our products and services. You can trust us in everything we do and in any advice we give.
  • Our team can help you with the customization of product.

  • We analyze your needs and recommend suitable products for you.

  • Samples will be sent to you if necessary.

  • In-house production and fast delivery will save you purchasing time.

Do you need a quote?

Negotiate MOQ and requirements and complete your order quickly and safely!

Do you need a custom product?

We offer different types of products customized to meet your needs.


  • Ruian Composite Sample 2023

Integrated Services

  • Excellent and Stable Product Quality

    Excellent production process design and program control make the product more stable and traceable. Product quality is monitored strictly in accordance with the corresponding indicators.
  • Continuous and Reliable Product Supply

    Excellent capacity of production and the price, quality and steady supply of raw materials are highly controlled.
  • Excellent capacity of production and the price, quality and steady supply of raw materials are highly controlled.

    Professional R & D team and technical service team can continually provide more cost-effective new products.
  • Fast and Thoughtful After-sales Service

    Establish customer file system and strive to make after-sales service faster and more attentive.